Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, Falsely Claims That They Have Signs China Might Be Ready to Provide Arms to Russia

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General

Author: Shaneya | Date: February 23, 2023

On Wednesday, NATO Secretary General gave an interview for the Associated Press. He was asked whether NATO has any indication that China might be ready to provide arms or other support to Russia’s war. Jens Stoltenberg replied:

“We have seen some signs that they might be planning for that and of course NATO allies, the United States, have been warning against it because this is something that should not happen. China should not support Russia’s illegal war.”

The war on the grounds of Ukraine is not Russia’s illegal war. It is a Jewish war. Those who started this war are Jewish supremacists who came to power in Kiev with a violent coup and who were shelling the people of Donbas for eight years before Russian troops came to liberate them.

Ukrainians have the same DNA as western Russians, they are one nation, so Ukraine is basically a subregion of the mighty Russia. Ukrainians and Russians are not two different nations, they are the same nation. Ukrainian language is a dialect of the Russian language. 

Jens Stoltenberg’s answer is a false claim because right now China has no plans to provide any weapons to Russia. Russia has enough weapons and servicemen to fight the war in Ukraine and it has no need to ask China for weapons or soldiers.

The only scenario where Russia might need military help from China would be if there was a direct military confrontation between NATO and Russia, however this scenario is almost certainly not going to roll out. NATO does not plan to provoke a direct war between NATO and Russia because in that case Russia could ask China for military assistance and China would provide it, while NATO cannot win against both Russia and China.

NATO is run by Jewish supremacists. How? Jewish supremacists control Washington, while Washington controls NATO, so Jewish supremacists control NATO. They don’t want a global war which they cannot win, so they will most likely not provoke Russia into a direct confrontation with NATO and have China join Russia and lose the war against Russia and China.

The situation right now is that Russia does not need any military assistance from China. Russia and NATO are not in a direct war and Russia has enough military power to fight the war in Ukraine successfully without the military help of China. For this reason China is making no plans to send weapons to Russia.

After the Secretary General of NATO made a false claim that they have signs that China might be ready to provide arms to Russia, the Foreign Ministry spokesman for China Wang Wenbin made a response:

“On the Ukraine issue, China always stands on the side of the peace.” “It is a known fact that NATO countries, including the US, are the biggest source of weaponry for the battlefield in Ukraine, yet they keep claiming that China may be supplying weapons to Russia.”

“While claiming itself to be a regional defensive alliance, NATO has ignored others’ security concerns, and constantly sought to reach beyond its traditional defense zone and scope, and stoke division and tension.” “We urge NATO to quit groundless speculation and smears against China.”

Indeed, the White House which is controlled by Jewish supremacists from behind the scenes, is the biggest supplier of weapons to Kiev, which is also run by Jewish supremacists. Jewish supremacists which control the White House and Jewish supremacists which control Kiev are waging a war against both Ukrainians and Russians. 

Jewish supremacists which control Kiev were bombing Donbas for 8 years until Russia sent its troops to Donbas and then liberated Donbas in October 2022. So Jewish supremacists which control Kiev were waging a war on pro-Russian Ukrainians for 8 years before Russian troops crossed the border of Ukraine. Donbas was requesting Russia to come liberate them.  

Jewish supremacists which control Kiev are forcefully sending Ukrainian men to fight against Russian troops, so they are sending Ukrainian men to death without giving them a choice whether they want to fight against Russians or not. And by using Ukrainian military, they are killing Russians. Since Ukrainians have the same DNA as western Russians, we could actually say that Ukrainians are a group of Russians. 

What is really going on in Ukraine is a war of Jewish supremacists against both Ukrainians and Russians, as Jewish supremacists started the war against the people of Donbas and are now making Ukrainians and Russians kill each other. 


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