The Biden Administration Which Is Run by Jewish Supremacists Blocked the Signing of a Peace Deal Between Kiew and Moscow

Naftali Bennett, the former Prime Minister of Israel.

Author: Shaneya | Date: February 9, 2023

Soon after Russia started its special military operation in February 2022, Kiew and Moscow were ready to sign a peace deal. The mediator in these peace negotiations was Naftali Bennett, the former prime minister of Israel. In an interview on Israel’s Channel 12 Naftali Bennett said: “I was under the impression that both sides very much want a ceasefire.” But then, as he describes, the West blocked the signing of a peace deal.

Naftali Bennett told: “Anything I did was coordinated down to the last detail with US, Germany, and France.”

The interviewer asked him: “So they blocked it?”

Bennett replied: “Basically yes, they blocked it.”

This is some more evidence that the West didn’t want peace in Ukraine. United States control NATO, so of these three countries, US, Germany, and France, US has the most power when influencing whether a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia will be signed or not. The Biden administration is run by Jewish supremacists who are around Biden. The US Cabinet is the principal advisory body the the President of the United States, while 6 out of 7 of the most important cabinet members are Jews. Antony Blinken who is the Secretary of State, Ron Klain who is the White House Chief of Staff, Janet Yellen who is the Secretary of Treasury, Alejandro Mayorkas who is the Secretary of Homeland Security, Avril Haines who is the Director of National Intelligence, and Merrick Garland who is an Attorney General.

The main department in the United States which deals with foreign policy and war in Ukraine is the State Department. The State Department is run by the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who is Jewish. The Deputy Secretary of State is Wendy Sherman, who is Jewish. Under Secretary of State for political affairs, Victoria Nuland, is Jewish as well.

So the true force behind the United States that pressed Zelensky to not sign the peace deal with Putin were Jewish supremacists that run the United States. Besides, Zelensky himself is a Jew and he obeyed what his people told him to do. Naftali Bennett who was a mediator is a Jew from Israel.

Naftali Bennett, the former prime minister of Israel said that Putin made “two big concessions.” “He renounced the disarmament and denazification” of Ukraine. Bennett also told that Putin said: ”Tell me you are not joining NATO, I won’t invade.” Zelensky initially agreed to not join NATO, but then he didn’t sign the peace deal as US, Germany, and France blocked it, according to Bennett’s description. But, as I said, the controlling force of NATO is US and the ones who run the Biden administration from behind and who run the State Department in US are Jewish supremacists, so they must have blocked the signing of a peace deal.

The discussions about signing a peace deal ended on April 1, 2022, when the Ukrainian government accused Russian military of killing civilians in Bucha, Bennett explained. Moscow rejected Kiev’s claim and described it as being fabricated. This fabricated claim was made by Kiev shortly after progress towards making a peace deal was made on a high-profile meeting in Instanbul. The fabricated claim about Russian soldiers killing civilians in Bucha was a plot to demonize Russia and to stop the process of signing a peace deal between Kiev and Moscow.

Why did Jewish supremacists not want to sign a peace deal with Russia? Because they wanted war. They wanted war because they though that by creating war they can destabilize Russia. They want to destabilize Russia because they would like to create a global government, while they see Russia and China as the main military superpowers that are on their way towards the creation of a global government. 

Besides that, they also wanted to grow prices in Europe because that contributes to decreasing the natality rate of Europeans, which was much too low already before February 2022, when Russia started its special military operation. So the covert genocide by reducing the number of white European children born was also one of the plans of the war, though it was not the main plan. The main plan was trying to destabilize Russia. 

In an interview on Israel’s Channel 12, Bennett also said the following: “I think there was a legitimate decision by the West to keep striking Putin…” “I mean the more aggressive approach.” Former Israeli Prime Minister says that there was a legitimate reason to keep striking Putin because he thinks striking Putin is okay. And he thinks striking Putin is okay because he sides with Jewish supremacists who would like to destabilize Russia because they see Russia as one of the main military superpowers that is on their way to creating a global government controlled by Jewish supremacists, which is what they want to create.

Bennett told that he visited president Putin in Kremlin in Russia and the office of the Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz. Then he returned to Israel and there they wrote 17 or 18 drafts for the peace deal. Bennett revealed in the interview that the National Security Council of Israel was dealing with that.

National Security Council of Israel works for Jewish supremacy, while to goal of Jewish supremacists was to provoke this war and to not stop it. Since National Security Council works for Jewish supremacy and since Jewish supremacists wanted this war, National Security Council actually had no honest interest that this peace deal is signed.

Bennett explained: “I do everything vis a vis NSC with Shimrit.” Shimrit Meir was a top diplomatic advisor to Naftali Bennett while he was the Prime Minister of Israel. He traveled with her and collaborated with her when he was working as mediator for the peace deal between Kiew and Ukraine.

Bennett said in the interview: “I claim there was a good chance of reaching a ceasefire. But I am not claiming it was the right thing.” This is again the confirmation that Israeli politicians who work for Jewish supremacy want this war and do not want peace in Ukraine.

In his interview Bennett also revealed that he managed to get a pledge from Putin that he was not going to kill Zelensky.

Jewish supremacists provoked the war in Ukraine and collaborated to prevent signing the peace deal between Moscow and Kiew. They want Ukrainians and Russians to kill each other for the advancement of Jewish supremacy. Jews have been evacuated from Ukraine before the war broke out, while Zelensky feels relatively safe because they got a pledge from Putin that he is not going to kill Zelensky. Innocent Ukrainians and Russians kill each other in a war provoked, created, and sustained by Jewish supremacists for their goal to increase their power over the world.

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