They Want to Make People Infertile So They Can Create Genetically Modified Children and Reduce Their Intelligence – The Ultimate Social Credit Score

Author: Shaneya | Date: December 13, 2022

The dream of the Zio-globalists is to control human beings entirely. Right now the Zio-globalists have control over the flow of money. They can help their chosen people to get rich and they can censor and decrease income of the individuals they target. So the Zio-globalists can affect someone’s finances to a great extent. The Zio-globalists can promote certain people they choose and make them famous and they can censor others who share a message that they don’t want people to hear or read about. 

But there is one thing which they cannot really control, and that is a person’s intelligence. Our intelligence mostly depends on our genetics, though we can greatly increase our intelligence by using our mind in an intelligent way. We can greatly increase our intelligence in a certain field by solving difficult intellectual challenges many hours a day every day in that field. But despite of the fact that we can improve our intelligence by solving challenging intellectual tasks every day many hours a day, intelligence is still something that is determined with our genetics. People who have genes for remarkable, outstanding intelligence will be more intelligent than people who have genes for average intelligence. Although they can both greatly increase their intelligence by spending huge amounts of time solving difficult intellectual tasks, a great difference will still be there. 

One of the things that Zio-globalists see as threat to their supremacy, to their dictatorship, to their control of the world, and to their plan to create a global tyrannical government are intelligent people. Because people of very high intelligence are likely to understand their conspiracy and their scams very quickly and very well. Because people of high intelligence, if they care about humanity, are more likely to expose their conspiracy and do it in an effective way. And because people of high intelligence can learn and understand things that require high intelligence to learn and understand. Intelligent and gifted people also have the potential to learn faster and to advance their skills faster than a person of average intelligence. So intelligent people who are against the Zio-globalist conspiracy are the people who Zio-globalists fear the most. These are the people who they see as an great threat to their New World Order global dictatorship. 

Controlling people is how globalists are establishing their power over the world. Besides controlling the flow of money, besides using censorship to bankrupt and silence people who expose them, they also would like to control the intelligence of the people. To control the intelligence of the people, they would like to control human genetics. They would like to have control over the genes of the future generations so they can decide who is born with average intelligence and who is born with remarkable or the greatest intelligence.

That is an incredible threat to the wellbeing of our society. If one day they have control over the genes of the future generations, they can literally make the children of parents with the greatest intelligence stupid or of average intelligence. At the same time they can steal those genes for the greatest intelligence and give them only to those they choose. For example, they can steal the genes for the greatest intelligence which they find among white nationalists and they can give these genes for the greatest intelligence to their own children or to the children of people who work for them towards the creation of a global dictatorial government.

To prevent this from ever happening, we need to oppose any procedures and agents which cause miscarriage and stillbirth, which reduce fertility, or which sterilize healthy people who want to have children. The fake COVID-19 vaccines are an agent which greatly increased the amount of miscarriages and stillbirths. People should always have the right to reproduce naturally and to pass on their genes for intelligence without anybody diminishing the intelligence of their children with genetic modification. People should always have the right to not be injected with any substances that increase miscarriage and stillbirth rate, reduce fertility, or which can harm the fetus. By the way, the fake COVID-19 vaccine not only increases the miscarriage rate and stillbirth rate, but it also reduces intelligence of a fetus because it causes blood to coagulate and thus reduces the amount of oxygen the fetus gets to their brain.

The Zio-globalists have a plan to make people infertile through the use of vaccines and other agents and then to come up with a so call “solution” for their infertility by creating genetically modified children grown in an artificial womb, who would have their intelligence regulated with genetic modification. The children of super brilliant white nationalist parents would be genetically modified so their intelligence is just average, to stop them in their fight against Jewish supremacy and the New World Order global dictatorship.

Hashem Al-Ghaili is a professional science communicator. He communicates to the audience the latest trends in science and technology. He also presents to the audience the technologies which could be developed and used in the future. Hashem Al-Ghaili produced a video called “EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility.” The video looks like a commercial for a laboratory that creates children with genetic modification and grows them in artificial wombs. The commercial is not a real commercial of an actual company, it just a simulation of what could be done in the future. You can watch the video on Youtube or here bellow:

Video title: “EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility.”
Concept video for the technology the globalists want to use in the future.

Hashem Al-Ghaili has over 33 million followers on Facebook. There he shared an article which was written by, which talks about his video where he presents the EctoLife concept. The article says the following: “For nearly a century, fertility rates have been decreasing globally. The result is what scientists are describing as ‘worldwide infertility crisis.’ But there is a solution looming on the horizon – artificial wombs.”

On his Facebook page, Hashem Al-Ghaili wrote the following: 

“According to the World Heath Organization, around 48 million couples and 186 million individuals have infertility globally.” “My new concept – EctoLife – promises to make age-related infertility a thing of the past, allowing women to conceive a baby at literally any age.” Then he goes on saying: “Why aren’t we doing this right now? Because there are needless restrictions on research that deals with human embryos. Research on human embryos isn’t allowed beyond 14 days, and that is a big issue! We need to change the rules and begin exploring options that will help people who are suffering from infertility.”

The idea of the globalists is to make people infertile, unable to pass on their genes in a completely natural way and then to force them to have a genetically modified child that grows in an artificial womb, in case they want to have a child. But I warn you, just like Zio-globalists are censoring the content and accounts of white nationalists on social media, firing them from jobs if they express anti-globalist opinions and trying to mix them out of existence by flooding them with migrants, they will also try to greatly reduce the intelligence of their children with genetic modification. Especially if it is someone who is a white nationalist and has an outstanding intelligence coded in their genes. But they would do it also to white people in general and people of other races if they will assume that these people could have a child who would inherit extraordinary intelligence from their parents and if they will assume that this child could be a threat to the global dictatorship run by Jewish supremacists.

Using genetic modification to dumb down the children of intelligent white nationalists and anti-globalists of other races would be the ultimate social credit score. It would destroy intelligence, destroy humanity and make everybody a complete and total slave of the Zio-globalists at the top of the pyramid.


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