A Highly Respected Chemist Revealed That There Are Nano Razors Inside the Fake COVID-19 Vaccines

Author: Shaneya | Date: February 6, 2022

Dr. Andreas Noack from Germany has made a doctor’s degree in chemistry. He was an extremely respected specialist in activated carbon until he died on November 26. He claimed that inside the so called COVID-19 vaccines there is graphene hydroxide and that this graphene hydroxide works like tiny razors that are cutting people who are injected with these so called vaccines. 

Dr. Andreas Noack said: “These nanoscale structures can be best described as razor blades. Nano-scale, tiny razor blades.” He also said: “If you understand that razors are being injected, it is clear why all the cardiovascular diseases appear. The heart is cut up. The brain is cut up. The blood vessels are cut up.”

Notice the difference, graphene hydroxide is not graphene oxide. Those are two different substances. Dr. Andreas Noack turned graphene oxide into graphene hydroxide in his thesis for his doctoral degree. So he is an expert particularly in this field and knows what he is talking about. Graphene hydroxide is a type of an activated carbon, while Dr. Andreas Noack, as I wrote, was an extremely respected specialist in activated carbon. Andreas Noack worked for the leading activated carbon manufacturer in the world. He also started his own activated carbon company.

Dr. Andreas Noack said that this graphene hydroxide which is inside the so called COVID-19 vaccines consists of particles which are about 50 nanometers long and 0.1 nanometers wide. For comparison, a human hair is approximately 60 to 100 nanometers wide. He said that these graphene hydroxide particles which they found in the so called COVID-19 vaccines are cutting the veins, heart, brain and other organs of the people who are injected. 

Dr. Andreas Noack said that all the fake vaccine samples they tested contained graphene hydroxide, but not in the same amounts. Andreas Noack also told that if the muscle is hit by these particles, it causes less damage than if the vein, the heart or the brain is hit. Andreas Noack mentioned that graphene hydroxide spreads in liquid evenly, so we should expect that when a person is injected with the fake COVID-19 vaccine, this razor-like particles would spread all over their veins and vessels and hit different parts of the body.

Dr. Andreas Noack explained that the reason why athletes often have very bad reactions is because their blood is flowing faster and when this happens, the nano razors are moving more and faster and cause even more damage.

Dr. Andreas Noack told that graphene hydroxide is such a stable material that if braking pads for the car are made out of it, they would last forever. He said that graphene hydroxide has zero biological degradability. For this reason, if graphene hydroxide is injected into a person’s body via a fake vaccine, the body cannot degrade these razor-like graphene hydroxide particles. Dr. Andreas Noack said they these particles stay in the body forever. 

Dr. Andreas Noack also told that toxicologists make tests in Petri dishes and that by doing a Petri dish test, they cannot detect graphene hydroxide. Dr. Noack also told that the way they are performing autopsies, they can’t detect graphene hydroxide after a person injected with the fake COVID-19 vaccine dies. So toxicologists and those who perform autopsies have no idea that there is graphene hydroxide inside the so called COVID-19 vaccines and that is works as nano razors, cutting people inside their bodies.

Dr. Andreas Noack said that the so called COVID-19 vaccines are killing people. He said that if the Austrian government creates the vaccine mandate for the entire country, they are killing the entire population. He called out Mr. Shallenberg, the person who was the prime minister of Austria at that time, and Mr. Szekers, the person who is the president of the Vienna Medical Association and who was an advisor to Mr. Schallemberg for the field of medicine. Dr. Andreas Noack said that Mr. Schallemberg is either incompetent or a mass murderer and that he should resign. 

Mr. Schallemberg later resigned, however the killer shot mandate remained in place. On February 2 the president of Austria, Alexander Van Der Bellen, signed the law for mandatory fake vaccination of the entire adult Austrian population, except those who are exempt. People who are exempt are pregnant women, people who have a recovered status, which lasts for 180 days after testing positive, and people who have a special medical exemption, which is very hard to get. Every other adult in Austria is forced to be injected with the killer shots, if they agree or not.

The Austrian government has announced that it will start checking up on people whether they have the vaccination certificate on March 15. Those who would fault to provide a certificate for the so called vaccination would get a fine of up to 3,600 Euros up to 4 times a year. This project is a mass murder operation of the entire Austrian nation. These so call vaccines are nothing but bioweapons designed to make people sick and to shorten their life span. It’s a mass genocide of Austrians.

Dr. Andreas Noack published his video on November 23. His video immediately became super viral. Later that same day Dr. Andreas Noack unfortunately experienced a heart attack. Three days later, on November 26, he died. Dr. Andreas Noack was 57 years old when he died and he was not overweight. It’s unusual for somebody who is 57 and not overweight to have a heart attack and to die of a heart attack. It’s also unusual that he experienced a heart attack right after his video went viral, while this video was exposing that there are nano razors inside the so called COVID-19 vaccine, cutting people on the inside.

It’s possible that Dr. Noack’s heart attack was not a spontaneous event, but a consequence of a directed energy weapon used on him. A directed energy weapon can induce a heart attack via distance. It’s also possible that his heart attack was a spontaneous event. However since he was not that old, not overweight and since he made a video exposing nano razors inside the so called COVID-19 vaccines and since he exposed the Austrian government’s plan to genocide its entire adult population, it is possible that he was targeted with a directed energy weapon. We don’t know, but this possibility exists. 

If Dr. Andreas Noack was killed with a directed energy weapon because he exposed that there are nano razors inside the fake COVID-19 vaccines, then he gave his life for the humanity. Share this article and his video about the nano razors inside the fake COVID-19 vaccines so that more people find out about his message that can save lives.

Dr. Andreas Noack’s video where he explained that there is graphene hydroxide inside the so called COVID-19 vaccines, which work like nano razors and which are cutting people on the inside.

On November 18 2020, 1 year before dying in unusual circumstances, Dr. Andreas Noack was arrested by police during his video livestream. The cause of arrest was because he joined the protest against the tyrannical COVID-19 restrictions which are in place only to deprive people of their freedoms and to carry out the depopulation agenda.


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