A 19-Year-Old Girl From UK Gets Convulsions and Is Unable to Walk on the Same Day of Receiving the First Dose of the Fake COVID-19 Vaccine

Brooklyn Neal

Author: Shaneya | Date: November 10, 2021

Brooklyn Neal is a 19-year-old girl from Liverpool who had a serious adverse reaction to the fake COVID-19 vaccine. On June 26, at around 10 AM she received the first dose of the fake COVID-19 vaccine. She was feeling perfectly fine and later went shopping with her mother. When traveling home, at 4 PM, she started to feel as if she has a traveling sickness. When she got out of the car, at 4.15 PM, she collapsed on the floor and couldn’t walk. Even with help and assistance, she couldn’t walk. She also experienced pins and needles in her arms and legs, pain in the lower part of her left lung and her throat felt tight.

Her mother, Lyndsay Morton, called the ambulance, but the ambulance refused to arrive. They told Lyndsay to drive Brooklyn to the hospital, so she drove her the local hospital, called Whinston Hospital. While waiting in the waiting room, Brooklyn Neal started having convulsions, but the doctors and nurses completely ignored her for 2 hours, so her mother decided to drive her to another hospital, the Royal Hospital.

Brooklyn Neal was wheeled into the Royal Hospital, still having convulsions and unable to walk. She was brought into the waiting room, but the staff in the Royal Hospital said that they will put her into another room because she “was embarrassed” to have convulsions in front of the others. Although in reality Brooklyn Neal was not embarrassed. They simply hid her so that other people would not see what side effect the fake COVID-19 vaccine can cause.

The staff told Brooklyn’s mother to leave and she respected their policy and left. Brooklyn was left for about 6 hours in that room completely alone, with no food and no blankets while she was feeling cold. She was still having convulsions. After 6 hours a nurse appeared and Brooklyn asked for a painkiller, because she developed a headache. Then the doctor arrived and told her that she has a side effect from the COVID-19 shot. And then she was released home.

While Brooklyn Neal was waiting in the room alone in the hospital, she recorded herself having convulsions. This is the recording:

Brooklyn Neal having convulsions on the same day of taking the fake COVID-19 vaccine. She was perfectly healthy previously.

The fake COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine and does not protect people’s health. On the contrary, it’s a dangerous poison. Some people who took the fake COVID-19 vaccine experienced convulsions, Brooklyn Neal is not the only one. Considering that convulsions are a serious adverse reaction, it means that the fake COVID-19 vaccines are not a mild poison, but a seriously dangerous substance. Since Brooklyn Neal also collapsed several times and was unable to walk on that same day after she got the fake COVID-19 vaccine, we can conclude that these fake COVID-19 vaccines really are vary harmful.

Brooklyn Neal wrote on her Facebook page: “Never did I think I would be someone who would be affected by the vaccine, considering it has been advertised in such a positive light by our government.”

The government and the mainstream corporate media are lying to people and deceiving people when they are telling them that the so called COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. They are not safe and effective, they are very dangerous, they are designed to shorten the life-span of people and harm their fertility. They are also not vaccines, they are bio-weapons.

Brooklyn Neal had no underlying health conditions and was perfectly healthy before taking the fake COVID-19 vaccine. Brooklyn said: “I just want to show everyone that this is an actual effect from the vaccine, these things do happen.” Brooklyn’s mother stated: “Please, think twice about letting your children have this vaccine.”

Brooklyn Neal
Statement of Brooklyn Neal, which she posted on her Facebook page.
Statement of Brooklyn Neal’s mother, which she posted on her Facebook page.

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