Parents Injected With the Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Will Have Stupid Children Says Dr. Armin Koraknay

Author: Shaneya | Date: October 29, 2021

Dr. Armin Koraknay has put the blood of people who were injected with the fake COVID-19 vaccine under the microscope and analyzed it. 

He said that the blood of the fake vaccinated people contains too many fibrin fibers. What are these and what is their role? If something penetrates our skin and we start to bleed, our body immediately starts to produce fibrin fibers which cause blood coagulation and our bleeding to stop. So fibrin fibers coagulate blood.

Dr. Koraknay explained that the people injected with the fake vaccine have so many fibrin fibers in their blood that the blood doesn’t even come out of their finger when he tries to take a sample for the analysis under the microscope.

Dr. Koraknay said that even inside the body the coagulation is there. He said that the blood is full of these fibrin fibers and doesn’t go through the arteries and veins normally anymore. It just slowly moves through. He said that the condition is really severe after people receive the second dose of the fake COVID-19 vaccine. He told that people can die after receiving the second dose because there is so much clotting in the blood.¬†

Dr. Armin Koraknay said that there has never been anything like this new “vaccines” before and that they change the whole side effect spectrum. He said that one of the side effects that these fake COVID-19 vaccines cause is low oxygen. And now this is really shocking. He said that low oxygen will “damage the brain of any embryo that develops”. And that people will get “stupid children” as a consequence of it. Dr. Armin Koraknay also told that an embryo can die because of the lack of oxygen, which would cause a spontaneous abortion.

In the end Dr. Armin Koraknay told that science should be neutral and not dependent on money. He said that every scientist, every virologist he knows, except two, are dependent on the money of big companies. He said that it’s because of the money that people are being killed. Or in other words, doctors, epidemiologists, virologists and molecular biologists do what they are told to do for money, with total disregard for people’s lives, literally killing people.

Dr. Armin Koraknay analyzing the blood of the people injected with the fake COVID-19 vaccines.


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