Mandatory Vaccines, Mandatory Tracking Bracelets and Mandatory PCR Tests Are a Pretext to Mandatory RFID Implants Into Our Hand and Brain

Author: Shaneya | Date: March 19, 2021

The people who control the global banking system have a plan to have every person on the planet injected with an RFID microchip. First the RFID microchip is intended to be injected in our hand and later in our brain. Once the RFID is injected into our brain, they can control our thinking and behavior, which is their ultimate goal for total control over humanity. 

They want to have total control over humanity in order to keep their privileges to be the only people in the world to create virtually unlimited amounts money out of nothing and to use this money to control the whole world.

Mandatory vaccines and mandatory tracking bracelets are both in function of being a step towards mandatory RFID implants. Those who accept mandatory vaccines are already on the way to accepting mandatory RFID implants, since later an RFID implant will be injected into them through the vaccine. 

Those who accept mandatory tracking bracelets are also on their way to accept mandatory RFID implants. Tracking bracelets contain RFID technology and are designed so that a person cannot put down such a bracelet. Thus they force a person to have an RFID microchip constantly on their body. It is a step toward injecting an RFID microchip into the body.

If people don’t want to be injected with RFID microchips in the future, they should resist imposed vaccines and imposed tracking bracelets. That’s the one way how we can stop the RFID implant agenda from going further. If we don’t resist imposed vaccines and imposed tracking bracelets, sooner or later they are going to make RFID implants mandatory for everybody.

RFID implants cause cancer. If people are implanted with an RFID implant, most of them will get a cancer eventually. Usually it takes a lot of years before someone develops cancer because of an RFID implant, it might take decades, but RFID implants do cause cancer. It is likely that some people will get cancer after 20 years of having an RFID microchip implanted into their body.

After the RFID implants are implanted into people’s hands, as I said, later they also intend to implant people with RFID into their heads. That’s why they are making people used of nasal swab tests. The procedure of implanting RFID implant into brain will be likely done through the nose, in the same location where nasal swab is being taken today. 

The area that the nasal swab touches is a membrane which is at the end of the nasal passage and which protects the brain. In the future the top banking mafia have a plan to inject RFID microchips into people’s brain by penetrating this membrane.

RFID implants will be used not only to control our thinking by controlling our brain with brain implants, but also to control our finances and thus our behavior. The top banking mafia intend to eliminate physical money and to only allow digital money to be used as a currency. 

The top banking mafia also intent to eliminate classical payment cards, replace them with RFID implants and to make RFID implants the only way how people can buy and pay by using currency. They intend to create a system where people are not able to sell and buy, unless they have an RFID implant. 

However, since they intend to make RFID implants mandatory, everybody would have to have an RFID implant, if they like it or not, if they are interested in selling or buying or not.

Everything what people do online, all the information that they search and everything what they write or say is tracked already now. Later all of this information would be linked to the person’t RFID microchip implant. Those who would resist the New World Order dictatorship would have their currency taken away from their RFID implants and would thus loose all their money.

Besides depriving all people of their freedom and human rights, RFID implants would also cause mass murder since they would cause cancer to most of the people. The humanity still has the time to resist this extremely evil agenda, but the time is ticking. 

We need to collectively resist mandatory vaccines, tracking bracelets, The Great Reset and the whole New World Order agenda, otherwise they will destroy us and our lives.


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