Healthy 28-Year-Old Physical Therapist Died 2 Days After Getting an mRNA COVID-19 Injection

Author: Shaneya | Date: March 15, 2021

Haley Link Brinkmayer, a 28-year-old physical therapist, died two days after receiving an experimental COVID-19 mRNA “vaccine”. It is not clear whether she received a Moderna or Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, but it was one of these two.

Haley Link Brinkmayer completed a doctorate in physical therapy in 2018. Around the same time she married her high school sweetheart Evan Brinkmeyer. Haley Link Brinkmayer worked as a physical therapist in a senior living facility in Evansville. People working in senior living facilities are pressured to take the mRNA injection and so was she.

Hailey Link Brinkmayer with her husband Evan Brinkmayer.

She took the COVID-19 mRNA injection on January 19 and died on January 21. Her mother, Shauna O’Neil Link, posted a message on Facebook in “COVID Blog”, where she stated: “My 28 year old daughter took the vaccine on Tuesday and was dead by Thursday.” “Autopsy shows no red flags.” “Anything with Bill Gates or Quack Fauci’s name attached should be a red flag. Depopulation my folks, depopulation. This is their objective.”

Shauna O’Neil Link posting a message about her daughter’s death in COVID Blog on Facebook.

Indeed what the COVID-19 injections which the authorities call a vaccine, are not vaccines. They are bioweapons which use highly advance technology mRNA, designed specifically to make people sick, to reduce their life span and to kill a portion of people quickly. They designed to harm us. 

I my personal opinion is that not all injections from the same manufacturer and in the same batch are the same. If they were all the same, almost all people would have the same or almost the same reaction and it would be obvious that the injection causes that. That’s why they most probably made each injection a little different, so not all people have the same reaction. 

This approach makes it less obvious that the injections are causing these reactions, such as illness, reduced life span or immediate death. Most probably the majority of mRNA injection doses are designed as soft kill, while a minor portion are designed as fast kill. Probably Haley Link Brinkmayer received the injection which was designed as fast kill.


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